amanda brandonHi! My name is Amanda Brandon, and I’m a stay-at-home mama with a marketing problem. My problem is really a passion to help other mamas present their businesses professionally and authentically.

I “retired” a couple years ago from my marketing consulting business to go through toddler + baby + homeschooling a first grader boot camp. I had a handful of clients whom it pained me to refer away.

But two years of being only mama refined me. It had me going to story times and mommy nights out and getting to know other mamas who were trying to build a business, enjoy their littles and stay on top of Mount Laundry.

Those two years also gave me time to think about what I want to do when I grow up.

And I kept coming back to this conversation I had with my own mom.

Here’s a snippet of that conversation:

Mama: “How do you build a direct sales business using Facebook?”

Me: “You use Facebook as a tool in your marketing, but very few people build their entire business through Facebook.”

Me: “Are you going to buy a product from someone you don’t know on Facebook? Are you willing to send someone money that you’ve never heard of? It’s kind of like those old chain letters where people would send money to someone else and expect a tenfold return 30 days later. It’s a nice idea, but selling products is more about relationships than the shiny tools.”

I hung up the phone with my mom telling me that I needed to get what I know out of my head and into the hands of mamas looking to make a difference for their families.

I left that conversation with the realization that while I dearly love my children and serving my family, I was missing a small part of me. My mama told me to start a blog about marketing for mamas.

She said it would give me a piece of me back and bless someone else.

So, I’m doing what my mama said. I’m sharing what I know.

Who should read this blog?

I’m here to tell you about how you become a mama marketer. I’m specifically focused on helping mamas who want to work at home either on the side of their full-time job or daily mama duties.

I’m here to help you learn a little more about finding people who have a need and helping them see how your product or service meets their need.

How am I qualified to help you? 

I started a successful marketing and freelance writing business when my 11-year-old was 7 weeks old. I also worked full-time while my hubby traveled 3-4 days a week in the midst of all this.

It wasn’t an overnight success, but within 2 years, I’d replaced my full-time income and came home to work.

This site is all about helping other moms grow their work-at-home businesses. I’m not here to help you plan a get-rich-quick scheme. I’m here to help you market yourself professionally and authentically.

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