WAHM Weekly Hack No. 1 – Get Mornings Right

mamahackmorning1.pngI’m speaking to myself on this hack. We’ve been in a rut of late nights, crazy travel plans, and last-minute job changes for my husband. Insurance adjusters do not have much predictability. You can prepare for a storm and then get canceled at the last minute – true story.

So, having a reliable morning start is such a key to keeping peace in a work-at-home-family (WAHF). When starts get off-kilter, the first thing to go is the morning. And if all the things are going to get done, you need a great start.

If I’m sensing our mornings getting off to rocky starts, I look at what’s causing it. In our case, it’s been the up-and-down nature of this crazy slow storm season.

We had to hustle to find some more work for Hubby to do. That’s a tedious task when every other independent adjuster in America is struggling to line up enough work to get through to the next big storm.

So, what can we do to reclaim the mornings? Here are my three hacks for getting our mornings back in gear:

  1. Get up early no matter how much it sucks. It’s hard to get up when the kids are asking for snuggles at 3 a.m. and I can’t fall back asleep until 5:30. If I’m not out of bed by 7, the morning stinks. Put the alarm clock across the room and retire a little earlier tonight.
  2. Keep breakfast really, really simple. Greek yogurt and granola, sausage and biscuits (they cook themselves while you do other stuff), oatmeal and peanut butter, eggs and toast. It has to be simple and filling. We’ve gotten away from simple breakfasts during the week because we’re trying to use up food before a trip. I declared that we need five easy breakfasts.
  3. Do as much as possible the night before. Lay out clothes, do the dishes, set out books for homeschool, charge phones and tablets. This makes mornings so much easier because no one is dealing with last night’s mess.

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