WAHM Weekly Hack No. 1 – Get Mornings Right

I'm speaking to myself on this hack. We've been in a rut of late nights, crazy travel plans, and last-minute job changes for my husband. Insurance adjusters do not have much predictability. You can prepare for a storm and then get canceled at the last minute - true story. So, having a reliable morning start … Continue reading WAHM Weekly Hack No. 1 – Get Mornings Right

Introducing Weekly WAHM Hacks

My oldest daughter and I share a deep love of watching hack videos. We love to see how other people overcome problems with ingenuity. Having out-of-the-box kids and a somewhat out-of-the-box lifestyle (we live in a fifth-wheel camper full-time) requires an eye toward creativity. I see many, many mamas asking what to do with toddlers … Continue reading Introducing Weekly WAHM Hacks