31 Days of WAHM Hacks

It's October, which means it's time for Write 31 Days. I've done this challenge in the past and it's been SO good for me and I hope it will bless you. This year, I want to do something fun and useful - 31 days of WAHM hacks. My oldest daughter and I share a deep … Continue reading 31 Days of WAHM Hacks


How to Train Kids to Let You Work

Hi Friends! It's tough to be a work-at-home-mama when you need to do all the things. I'm thinking about this now that my hubby and right hand (my 9-year-old) are out of town for the week. My littles (Man Cub, 5) and (Little One, 3) are great kids, but they are quite busy and still … Continue reading How to Train Kids to Let You Work